Social Media Literacy in Overcoming Disinformation in Gondolayu Yogyakarta

This community service is a downstream of an international collaborative grant research entitled ICT Development Index Indonesia (2017). This research found that the high use of ICT in Indonesia was not accompanied by the community’s ability to use ICT, which then led to the massive spread of hoax news. This community service aimed to try to solve this problem by providing social media literacy. This activity is an Empowering 8 (E8) model to provide understanding to the public about the steps to find out the truth of news which consists of Identify, Explore, Select, Organize, Create, Present, Assess, Apply. This activity was carried out in RT 1 RW 01, Kota Baru Village, Gondokusuman District, Yogyakarta City with the consideration of (1) high adoption of smartphone and social media use, high level of community plurality, and the existence of differences in political choices. The final objectives expected in this community service activity are (1) The community is able to recognize the characteristics of hoax news, (2) The community is able to check facts to prove the truth of information, and (3) The community is able to clarify the truth of information.