Energy Transition and Working Conditions for Electric Vehicle Drivers at Gojek and Grab

Arif Novianto, Muchamad Ibnu Prasetyo, Yudha Perdana Putra


This research aims to show the problems in the energy transition from using oil-fueled vehicles to electric vehicles run by Gojek and Grab. Rather than being a commitment to care for the environment, in reality the transition from oil vehicles to electric motorbikes is also closely related to business interests. Gojek and Grab companies apply a rental fee to online drivers for those who want to use electric motorbikes, which is around 50 thousand per day. The presence of electric motorbikes in the context of platform-based transportation has increased the vulnerability of online drivers. This happens, because rental costs reach 50 thousand per day and uncertain income, which means drivers have to work longer and longer. The impact is that the workability of electric motorbike drivers is not met.